Terima Kasih! Thank you!

Terima Kasih! Thank you!

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to do Exchanged Google Mail on Android Smartphone

Hi there,

Below are the steps for those who concern to do the email Exchanged on your smartphone powered by Android ( it might works with Iphone too but you need to figure it out ).

(A) Set up Google Mail (GMail) or any email powered by Google Apps.
1. On your phone, go to Setting - touch Account & Sync.

2. Touch on 'Add account' then scroll to select 'Google'.

3. After you choose 'Google' - touch 'Next' - 'Sign in' and input your email address (example: name@xxxxxxxxxxx.com) and your password then Done. It should look like the above picture of my email (zairil@sapurakencana.com).

4. Then, touch the email created and Touch to Sync what you prefer such as Contact, Calendar and so on. Done.

(B) Configure Exchanged for your Google Mail.

1. Choose any of your prefered email apps ( see below picture ) such as Pre-installed email (Gmail or Email) but i'm prefer to use (Enhanced Email) because convenience to me.

2. Touch on the email apps - input your email address & password - touch next.

3. After touched 'Next' - touch on 'Exchange' - touch next.

4. Then please input details in the column shown below. DO NOT skip '\' in front of your email address.

5. Then touch 'Next' for the email apps to set up your Exchange email automatically and DONE!

(C) Configure IMAP for your Google Mail. ( for those who want to keep email in your device without affecting your email in web ).

1. You might follow the 'A' step above to create the email account then to set up IMAP, you should follow configuration under 'B' from step 1 - 3. On  step 3, you should choose 'IMAP' then step 4.

2. On step 4, please input the details below :

Incoming server
IMAP Server : imap.gmail.com
Port : 993
Secure Type : SSL

3. Then touch 'Next' and its automatically configure you incoming server then the Outgoing Server as below.

Outgoing server (1st Option)
SMTP Server : smtp.gmail.com
Port : 587
Secure Type : TLS

Outgoing server (2nd Option, if 1st Option unable to send email)
SMTP Server : smtp.gmail.com
Port : 465
Secure Type : SSL

4. Then touch 'Next' to finish the configuration. DONE!

Thank you for reading and hopefully you success to configure it.


  1. bro... cam ne nak sync lotus notes utk Android smartphones

  2. untuk Lotus Note...kau boleh follow guide yang ni..