Terima Kasih! Thank you!

Terima Kasih! Thank you!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Out Apps for Android

Do you like your Android application to be black as per pictures shown below, so you can save your phone energy (battery)? Please follow the link below and please make sure some applications need 'Root' on your phone. Happy download. Cheers.

Anda mahu aplikasi Android anda serba hitam seperti dibawah, supaya anda boleh jimat tenaga bateri anda? Maka anda boleh download daripada link dibawah ini. Tolong berhati2 ya kerana ada beberapa aplikasi memerlukan 'Root' pada handphone anda. Happy download yeah.

Download here/ download sini : Black Out Application

Credit to Black Out Team to make this happen.

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