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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Xperia Z4: The hottest new smartphone on the block

Sony Xperia Z4

The future is nearer than you expect, and is better than you can imagine. The latest super smartphone , the Sony Xperia Z4 is taking the online world by storm, with an amazing range of never before heard features, gorgeous looks and more. The Xperia Z4 is the next big thing in the world of smartphones. Read all interesting details about the Sony flagship phone below.

Xperia Z4: The hottest new smartphone on the block
The latest buzz in the online world is the much speculated Xperia Z4 smartphone from the house of Sony. And by the looks of it, it’s going to be a beauty of a device boasting of unheard of specs  and matching good looks. Now let us have a detailed look on what the buzz surrounding the Sony Xperia Z4 is, and much more.

Xperia Z4 Specifications: 4K screen, 6.3 inches display,and much more

Many specifications of the Xperia Z4 are being highly rumored on the internet, leaving gadget freaks, Android fanatics and technology enthusiasts in general on the edge of their seats. This has given rise to several rumored specifications which the Xperia Z4 might have.  Some of the hottest and juiciest rumored specs are listed below.

1. Brilliant 6.3″ display:
If rumors are to be believed, the Sony Xperia Z4 will sport an amazing 6.3 inch screen, which could easily be the best display used till date in any smartphone. It could use an ultra HD 4K resolution display, which is four times as rich as a full HD 1080p display. Adding to this ultra crisp resolution, the Sony Xperia Z4 is also believed to have a scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass 3, for ruggedness.

2. Highly waterproof(upto 100m):
We saw it recently with the Galaxy S5, and the Xperia Z4 is supposedly going to take waterproof to a new level. It is expected to have an IP68 standard for water and dust resistance, which means the Z4 will be easily protected by water splashes, and even on deep sea diving upto 100 meters. It is also expected to be highly dustproof and heatproof.

3. Fingerprint scanner:
As security of sensitive data on smartphones is of prime importance, keeping this issue in mind, the Sony Xperia Z4 could most definitely have a fingerprint scanner/sensor for securely locking and unlocking the phone, using unique prints of your finger. This feature has been coming as a standard feature on recent high end smartphones as well, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s.

4. Massive 5000 mAh battery:
Never run out of juice even on the use of the most heavy duty apps and graphics intensive games, with the large 5000 mAh battery on the Xperia Z4. Due to this large capacity, the battery should be a non-removable one.

5. 27 MP Camera with G+ Sensor:
Sony has always been well known for the amazing cameras it uses in its premium smartphones, and the Xperia Z4 should continue this legacy, with a mind blowing 27 MP camera, capable of recording ultra HD quality videos and life-like pictures, and will also have integrated editing features within the stock camera app. The back panel of the Xperia Z4 will also house a brilliant dual  LED flash. For video calls and Skype conversations, the Z4 will also expectedly have a 10 MP HD front camera.

6. Android 5.0 Milkshake: 
The Sony Xperia Z4 is expected to come pre-installed with the future version of Android OS, ie, version 5.0 codenamed Milkshake. It is very less likely that the Xperia Z4 will come with Android 4. Kitkat, since it is likely that by the time the phone releases, a more advanced Android operating system will be developed by then.

Watch this space for more rumored specs which will be updated as the release date of the Sony flagship device nears.

Sony Xperia Z4 Price:
The price of a flagship phone is one of the most important actors in the purchase of a phone, and if a consumer pays a high price for a phone, he will naturally expect it to be value for money. Although there has been no word of confirmation on the price of the Xperia Z4 from Sony or any other source, if rumors on gadget forums are to believed, the Sony Xperia Z4 could be priced at around $1250, or 75000 INR.

Sony Xperia Z4 Release Date: When will it release near you?
The world is waiting with eager anticipation for the time of release of the Sony Xperia Z4 in their region. But the question many people are asking is when will it release in a store near them, and when can they expect to pre-order it before others? Do not worry, as the possible release dates of the  Xperia Z4 (region-wise) are given as follows.

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in USA:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in India: October/Late September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Australia: September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Britain:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Thailand:  October 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Canada:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Germany:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in France:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in South Africa:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Brazil:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Japan:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in China:  September/October 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in UAE:  September 2015

Sony Xperia Z4 release date in Pakistan:  September 2015

The approximate release dates of the Xperia Z4 super smartphone will be updated for more countries.

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